Bertrand Collinot, A step towards the language of the horse

Bertrand Collinot, A step towards the language of the horse

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Le Petit Canada.

A personal journey with horses

For several decades now, it has been clear that our relationship with horses must involve learning their language if we are to communicate with them, rather than using force.

Bertrand Collinot bears witness to this in this book, based on twenty years spent in contact with horses from all walks of life, born on his ranch or approached during training courses and interventions with bewildered owners.

In this book, he seeks to move away from ready-made methods of horse training towards a process based on sharing his personal experience.

In four chapters illustrated with magnificent photographs, he explains how he came to develop a teaching approach based on observing the horse and mastering the trainer's emotions, to achieve a partnership based on mutual trust.

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